• Nuru massage — Japanese massage by Asian girls.

  • Have you ever heard of an Japanese Nuru massage? Originating deep from within Japan’s red-light district, it’s a special kind of Asian massage that focuses on inducing carnal pleasure. Japanese nuru massage is slightly different from normal massages because instead of using hand-to-body contact, the therapist will use her body as well as her hands to stimulate the client.

    Nuru massage service is a traditional Japanese massage style with its origins in ancient times in Japan’s history; we have helped to keep this massage style alive by holding as true to the traditional form as possible, with a few modern twists that we know you will love.

    These issues can make it very difficult for people to sustain a healthy and positive relationship, because no matter what we say, sex is a vital part of a relationship. An outcall Japanese nuru massage is a great alternative style of sex therapy. It uses a variety of gentle, sensual techniques that are designed to softly encourage arousal. Plus, many people find the skin-to-skin contact extremely comforting.

    Outcall Japanese nuru massage is so arousing, orgasms are inevitable. When you orgasm, your body releases hormones that work to calm your mind, reduce anxiety, and stabilise your mood – characteristics that could affect your sleep. The pleasure and orgasm caused by outcall Japanese nuru massage leave you so drained of stress that you’ll find yourself sleeping more soundly than you ever have.

    Nuru massage can help with urinary and prostate problems. An outcall Japanese Nuru massage produces such deep and powerful orgasms that you are left drained of any blocked fluids. This can help flush you of the fluids that were causing your urinary and/or prostate problems.

    Where can I get a nuru massage near me ? https://nuru-massage-ny.com/

    You can find many nuru massage places all over the country, many tantric massage centres and parlours offer this erotic style of massage but obviously we think that we provide the best service in NY and the surrounding areas. We have 2 salons in New York, but we also allow you to enjoy a nuru massage at home by booking one of our girls through our onsite massage service. Please call us for details.


    1. What is the age of the girls?

    - From 18 to 25 y.o.

    2. I want to take for a session with my wife! Do you have any suitable programs?

    - Come, of course - we have a special program for couples. Pre-consult by phone with the administrator, as not all girls perform this program.

    3. If I want more?

    - Sex in our salon is strictly prohibited, and if you insist, the girl will prematurely terminate the session without returning the money. But we promise - impressions from erotic massage are often brighter and more interesting than from sex.

    4. Where do the girls come from?

    - There are locals. but most of the Eastern Europe and Asia.

    5. What is the price category of services?

    - From 100 to 800 dollars.